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Les hace una cordial invitación al ciclo de conferencias:


Thinking Globally: The Role of Big Data





Lugar: Aula  J-306 Unidad de Posgrado UNAM

Fecha: 22-23 de Febrero de 2016

Hora:  A partir de las 10:00 Horas













Dr Gavin Shaddick

Dr Daniel Simpson

Dr Karim Anaya- Izquierdo


Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath, United Kingdom



This course provides an introduction to modelling relationships in both space and time with particular focus on fitting complex models to big data. The aim of the course is prove an interactive experience for students and researchers from a variety of fields and to allow them to experience state of the art statistical methodology and it’s application. The course will cover both theory and applied examples, the latter specifically through practical ‘hands-on’ computer sessions in which participants will be guided through the analyses of real  data with both temporal and spatial structure.