Modelling Selection via Multiple Ancestors

Dr. Arían González-Casanova
(Weierstraß-Institute, Berlin)


In this talk we will introduce a generalisation of the Wright Fisher model, for a population with finite size and non-overlapping generations, allowing for several types of selection as well as simultaneous multiple mergers. The construction provides an almost sure dual relation between its frequency process and its ancestral process. The latter can be interpreted as a discrete analogue to the celebrated ancestral selection graph. We will also study a two type frequency process with general selection and general coalescent mechanism, and investigates in which cases the selective type goes to fixation with probability one. (This is talk is based in a joint project with Dario Spano).

Fecha: Miércoles 22 de febrero de 2017
Lugar: Aula 203, Edificio Anexo del IIMAS
Hora : 13:30 horas